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“That’s not too flattering to hear… I have noticed myself that trainers just don’t put as much effort into training and battling as they used to when I started my journey.” He gave a slight shrug followed by an ascending sigh. It wasn’t like there was anything he could do about it, he just wished that gym leaders and trainers actually battled because they wanted to and not because they felt obliged. 


“Oh, you betcha! I don’t plan on losing either!” The mentioning of a battle against Yuuki was enough to get the blood in his veins pumping. “‘Course I know May! She was my traveling partner when I first explored Hoenn.” 

“It’s bothersome, truthfully.” He hated it, It only seemed like few trainers actually were decent nowadays. Well most of them were new, and naive, so they didn’t expect the unexpected. What a shame.


“Say, let’s battle tomorrow.” He declared with a smile, all this talk about battling just made him so excited! “Oh sweet, we’ve actually known each other since we were both thirteen.”

The raven haired teen pursed his lips as chocolate irises studied the other’s expression. Ash knew that if someone was truly bored from all the careless trainers it had to be Yuuki. After all, he was the champion and one had to be greatly talented in order to even get to the Pokémon League.


"Battle? You betcha!" The trainer clenched his fists in excitement as he raised his arm, displaying a thumbs up. "May… I’ve known her since I was ten!"

phant0mhives sent:
I heard it's your birthday. I wish you an awesome one, and hopefully you'll receive many gifts. [smiles]


“Thanks a lot! I truly appreciate it~” 

thenewgamemaster sent:
"Happy Birthday, Ash!" *Hands him 12 Poffin*

"Thank ya!" The teen let out a chuckle before nibbling on his gift. 

fem-rin-okumura replied to your post: Heyah its my birthday today! 

Happy birthday~! Does he have cake, because if not, she can make some for him -

"Aww, thanks, Rin! It means a lot~" Sadly, he didn’t have cake, but oh he sure wished he did - 

climatic-saviour sent:
Yo Ash! Happy birthday, hope It's a good one~

"Thanks, Yuuki! I really appreciate it!" 

noiretorrentielle sent:
Happy birthday man, what are you gonna do for it?

"I think I’ll spend the rest of it with my friends~"

"Heyah it’s my birthday today!"